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McKee Fake Signatures

Many pieces are showing up with a fake McKee signature inside. So far, the fake signature has only shown up on pieces that were never produced by McKee glass, with the exception of the split rib base.

Of the known pieces that have the fake signature are the Westmoreland Resting Camel covered dish, the Greentown type Buffalo paperweight, Westmoreland Wavy Base Duck and a dark green Humpback Rabbit and the split rib base by itself.

Photos of the real McKee signatures and the fake signature are below.


The most obvious difference is in the letter "K" where the down stroke that sweeps below the two "Es" is crescent shaped in the fake. In the original, it is elongated and then curves back up, almost touching the final "E".

Fake McKee Script

Please be on guard when buying McKee signed pieces. These pieces have shown up on e-Bay as well as shows and malls.


This piece showed up with a NMGCS logo base and fake McKee top.

This marriage was never produced by the NMGCS!



Click here for more information on legitimate NMGCS Commemoratives and Logos.