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NMGCS Logos Used on Commemoratives...

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NMGCS Logos Used on Commemoratives

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Example 1 is found in the base of the split rib based commemoratives. The society logo, our initials (NMGCS), the state and date are embossed on the base starting with the first commemorative in 1988.

1988 Logo 1 Bottom

Example 2 - in 1990  Summit Art Glass Glass used their Circle-V mark in the lid of the Bird with Berry. Prior to this, the lids were not marked. The following year we used Boyd Glass with the "NMGCS" stamp in lid.

1990 Logo 2 Top (Circle-V)

Example 3 is found in the tops of commemoratives starting in 1991. The initials "NMGCS" are embossed.

1991 Logo 3 Top (NMGCS)

Example 4 shows the markings inside the base of the newly designed 1998 Rabbit. This commemorative will be used every other year in a different color.

1998 Logo 4 Bottom

Example 5 shows the markings in the top of the 1998 Rabbit.

1998 Logo 5 Top

Example 6 shows the markings in the base (made by Island Mould) of the 2007 Horse.

2007 Logo 6 Bottom

Example 7 shows the markings in the top of the 2007 Horse poured by Mosser Glass.

2007 Logo 7 Top