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Awards and Recognition


This excellent milk glass reference site is definitely not for the lactose intolerant. Includes seven high resolution photo galleries of milk glass items (plus descriptions), a milk glass FAQ page, a page of tips for the beginning milk glass collector, and much more.

Site of the Day Award
Site of the Day
Site of the Week Award
Site of the Week

Congratulations, You are a winner of the Nomination Members WS Award.  The site is one of the sites which is nominated for the Week and Month Award site winners.  It was hard to get the winners, there where many good sites among more than 1000 subscribes per week.

Nu-Horizons Design Studio's Resource Site Award

As a member of the Surreal Award Program, we are pleased to give you the Nu-Horizons Design Studio's Resource Site Award. We applaud your site's interaction, unique graphic applications and invaluable in-depth content.  Feel free to visit our location to view our free graphics. Keep up the excellent work.

ADsoft Award

Congratulations, your site won ADsoft Award.

Best of the Web Award

Thank you for submitting for the Award. I enjoyed surfing your site, and I am sure everybody else will too.  You have won the Bronze Award!

Aesop Hot Flame Award

Your site:, has been awarded the Hot Flame Award.
- Aesop Marketing Corporation

Spyders Coolsite Award

Hello and Congratulations!! You have received Spyder's Empire's COOL Site Award.
- Nancy Imelda Schafer, Web Architech

Silver Rose Award

I have visited your page and enjoyed my visit. It is obvious you have put a lot of hard work into your site and it is much appreciated. I am sending you an Award in recognition of all your work, and look forward to checking back for future updates. Peace.
- Angela

Link to the Past Award

Your website has won the Webpage Approval Award!

WT-Design Award of Excellence

Congratulations! Your site has been presented with the WT-Design Award of Excellence. Your site is very well crafted and we enjoyed our visit very much.

It's Too Cool Award

Hey there you, congratulations; our team of Web surfing poindexters visited your site and got its kicks there, so we'd like to present you with the Kartoon Factory's "It's too Cool" Award for web site mastery. Your day is now made.

My Cool Award

UpFront Media's "My Cool Award"