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Convention 2001...

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NMGCS Convention 2001


helen_liveten_20100521_1199992549Our 2001 convention was hosted by Helen Liveten who did an outstanding job.  Her efforts were greatly appreciated by all who attended.

The convention was conveniently held at the Sheraton Hotel at the Bradley Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, April 19th through April 21st, with extra days for the museum trip on April 18th and 22nd.  For details, please see the convention agenda.

sheraton_bradley__airport_20100512_1831587695Commemoratives for the 2001 convention were a yellow cat using the top mould owned by the National Milk Glass Collectors Society and was pressed by Boyd Crystal Art Glass, Inc.

As if the NMGCS convention wasn't exciting enough, Frank Chiarenza and Lester Dequaine arranged for a trip to their museum.  WOW!  All who attended were in for a delightful experience.  Frank and Lester thought of everything from a catered lunch (with outstanding chocolate cheesecake) to a guided tour, or just browse through all three museums.  Time well spent.

Click here to take at peek at the museum trip.

museum_20100512_1806503322Yes, I said all three museums.  There was, of course, Frank's Milk Glass Museum.  In a word, breathtaking.  Custom made displays beautifully exhibiting some of the most unusual and rare pieces of milk glass on earth.

There was Lester's Barbershop Museum which was like a walk through the past showing many of the most interesting items from barbershop history.   And everything was so expertly displayed.

And to add even more variety, the third museum featured the famous Metropolitan Opera star, Rosa Ponselle, who was from the Meriden, Connecticut area where the museum is located.

Many thanks to all who made this a grand convention.

Larry Sacherich

The commemorative for the 2010 convention was the yellow cat.  Commemoratives are only available to members and are limited to first come, first served.

2001 Cat in Yellow
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What makes our conventions so special?

1) Our Members

Our members make it great by sharing with others and working together.
our_members_20100521_1521433524 our_members_20100521_1636363348 our_members_20100521_1855315754
our_members_20100521_1169118664 our_members_20100521_1893700602 our_members_20100521_1331166040

2) Our Auction

300 quality pieces of milk glass sold by a professional auctioneer.
A 20 Second Movie Clip
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auction_item_20100521_1061802744 auction_item_20100521_2081395820 auction_item_20100521_1594557253
auction_item_20100521_1432114832 auction_item_20100521_2061889124 auction_item_20100521_1154801892

3) Our Dealers

An import part of the convention for getting some of the rarest pieces and most interesting pieces.
QuickTime Virtual Reality Movie
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dealers_20100521_1989742892 dealers_20100521_1643519490 dealers_20100521_1151582916
dealers_20100521_1579378971 dealers_20100521_1488639588 dealers_20100521_1315464674

4) Our Speakers

Informed and professional, sharing their expertise.
Helen Liveten speakers_20100521_1861251095 speakers_20100521_1322644866
speakers_20100521_1648431639 helen_liveten_20100521_1991554086 speakers_20100521_1375283966

Photo Credits:

Adam Fisko
Larry Sacherich
Some photos submitted by auction consignors.