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Col. Ed Kuhlman, Auctioneer

Thinking about having an auction? Nearly everyone who has collected anything has thought about it. How do I start? What is involved? What will it cost? Who can I ask?

mvc-018s2a  I have been privileged to sell quite a lot of milk glass over the years and I have several observations. Glass collectors, and especially milk glass collectors, are a breed apart. When I first sold milk glass at the Minneapolis Convention, I was shocked at the prices that people were willing to pay for an Atterbury Duck with purple head. Not any more!! Your collection may well be one of the best investments you have ever made! While most people don't start collecting with the idea of selling their collection, people's needs change over time. You have invested considerable time and money in your collection. When you decide to sell your collection, you deserve to have it bring what it is worth.

In order to sell well, milk glass (and any other collectible) has to be merchandised well. This covers a range of areas from advertising to presentation, to actually auctioning the item.

In response to a number of inquiries, I have decided to offer my assistance. I have been conducting auctions for 15 years. I have sold almost every type of household, antique, and estate auction. We have always offered a complete range of auction services, including set-up, clerking, cashiering, auctioneering, and clean-up.


  I would be pleased to act as a consultant for your auction needs. You may already have a local auctioneer in mind for your auction, but you may very well want your glass sold by someone who understands the market and the nature of selling your milk glass. I would be happy to travel to your auction and sell with your local auctioneer. Perhaps you would want me to work with your local auctioneer ahead of time to plan the best way to advertise and display your glass. I am willing to cooperate to any level of involvement that you may wish. Finally, you may just want to have one auctioneer handle your whole auction. We can do that also.

I have known many of you for a number of years. I would be pleased to visit with any of you regarding your plans. You may call me at 507-645-7758 or visit my website at