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Creating A Website...

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Creating A "Web Site" On The Internet

From Opaque News - March 1999

A new committee has been formed to develop a NMGCS Web site which we hope will become a reality before long. The three-member team includes Larry Sacherich, chairperson, Bart Gardner, and Dee Sacherich. The committee has been busy for several months already doing the complicated groundwork of designing, compiling and entering data. E-mails among the team members have been whizzing back and forth as ideas are tossed around.

The purpose of our Web site will be to make our presence known to collectors of milk glass by sharing information, promoting the society, and enlisting new members. For the Web site to succeed, it will have to be updated with new material on a regular basis so as to encourage repeat visits. The committee hopes that all members of the society will become regular visitors as well as contributors to the site. Your comments, suggestions, and contributions to the site will be welcomed and greatly appreciated.

Stay tuned for further developments, as they become available. The web address will be disclosed when the site is ready to go public. Our target deadline is the April convention.

Larry Sacherich, Chairperson
Barton Gardner
Dee Sacherich